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Mercedes Benz Trucks for Sale in NSW


A centimetre or two can make all the difference 

Economy, reliability and quality make the Atego 12 - 23 the ideal partner for your work, whatever it may require.

Versatile: Atego applications 

From inner-city areas to the construction site, wherever space is tight, the Atego scores top marks with good handling and versatility.

Clean and cost effective: BlueTec® 

BlueTec ® , the future-proof SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz, ensures that your Atego will remain an extremely economical truck to run for many years.

Visit the Mercedes-Benz website for more information!

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Even better: The Actros 

Setting the standard in national long-distance operations, the Actros offers even better fuel economy, enhanced levels of comfort, and unparalleled safety systems. This truck was named International Truck of the Year in 2009, whilst also making the 2009 Guinness World Records as the most economical truck in its class at 5.14 km/litre.

BlueTec® for Euro 4 and Euro 5 

BlueTec®, the SCR technology from Mercedes-Benz, ensures cost-effective compliance with Euro 4 and Euro 5, as well as lower fuel consumption, low particulate emissions, and an unrivalled low level of CO2 emissions. It also fully complies with the recent changes in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits.

Mercedes PowerShift 2 

Actros road vehicles are fitted as standard with the enhanced Mercedes PowerShift 2 automatic transmission, with truly demonstrates the conviction of Mercedes-Benz have in their impressive system.
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Weighs less and works like a heavyweight 

The Axor boasts a high payload and low fuel consumption, as well as exemplary reliability, safety and driver-oriented comfort. This is a truck that delivers outstanding performance in any kind of medium and long-distance operation, both on the road and below the line.

One for all: The Axor's applications 

Robust and powerful, yet still highly cost-effective, the Axor is indeed a very special truck. It’s a true master of all trades, so whether you need it for mid-to-long-distance haulage or heavy-duty, short-radius distribution, it’s guaranteed to perform. The Axor really is the perfect all-rounder.

BlueTec®: The response to Euro 5 regulations 

You can rely on the Axor to remain cost effective for the duration of Euro 5 and beyond, all thanks to BlueTec®, the next-generation SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz.

Visit the Mercedes-Benz website for more information concerning the Axor and other models in the range!

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